Language App Offers Greater Accessibility to Blind and Deaf

Mango Languages is a company that offers a variety of language-learning services for businesses, schools and individuals. They offer an app available for Apple, Amazon and Android users which offers over 60 foreign language courses. Their recent update has been well received for its forward thinking, allowing greater accessibility for people who are blind or deaf.


“We’ve been working hard to make the Mango app easier to use for learners who are visually impaired, learners who are deaf, and learners with disabilities. This means that we’ve increased color contrast and font sizes, and improved VoiceOver support. We’ve also added subtitles for the lesson narrator, so that you don’t need audio to be able to use Mango to its fullest extent! The subtitles can be turned off in the course settings. The Mango app is now WCAG 2.0 compliant.”¹

This is a promising start to allow for greater accessibility for everyone. Many apps across the stores are still inaccessible for a large number of people.

Mango Languages claims that their methodology “intuitive language construction” teaches a user vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture of their chosen language. The app uses step by step guides to specific phrases and language in chapters. Gradually the difficulty increases. For more information you can watch their tutorial.

Unfortunately for UK users, the Mango Language app is only offered free for North American users through local libraries. British users have to pay to access the app. Reviews of the Mango Language app have been sceptical, suggesting that the app is not as good as other language apps or software on the market. ² ³

There are free alternatives. Popular language app Duolingo gives the user the option to turn off listening and speaking exercises should they wish, which would mean that the learning experience is not penalised when the app asks particular questions. Many people who identify as Deaf have personally commented that Duolingo is a good option for language learning.

Whether Mango Languages is suitable for your language learning needs, through their update, Mango Languages has officially proclaimed its desire for greater accessibility for everyone in regarding to its content. This stance should not be significant in itself, yet with many inaccessible apps excluding millions of users, it will make the Mango Language app stand out.


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