Stacey Rezvan has achieved a 2:1 BA in Creative Writing and Study of Religion at Bath Spa University. She is currently working on her latest writing projects, as well as directing her own business, Kitewriting. In her spare time, Stacey likes to read and play music. She also insists that a good slice of cake does wonders for writer’s block.


Fundraising & Charity Marketing
Stacey has written articles on corporate social responsibility including an article for the Institute of Fundraising.

Healthcare and Science
Stacey has a strong interest in both healthcare and science, having previously been a regular writer for Natural Spa Factory. She is currently taking two courses on Future Learn to improve her professional science writing skills.

Rice Digital Media
From late July, Stacey has become a regular writer on Japanese music and fashion for Rice Digital Media, under the name ‘Kitewriting‘.

Stacey has shared both writing and content marketing advice for writers and businesses for Kitewriting’s Blog.


Being Homeless
Due to be published as part of a large anthology late August, Being Homeless is a short flash fiction describing the plight of a homeless man and how others may perceive him. For more information about the anthology, please contact Forward Poetry.

Nylon Strings
Part of an anthology representing England in the Great British Write Off, Nylon Strings is a poem describing how a warm friendship effects one’s environment.

The Melancholy of Silence
Centred on a Turkish woman named Aslı, the story explores the “eyes of a Deaf person”. Aslı finds herself in a surreal and horrifying situation when her ex boyfriend continues to contact her, weeks after he is found dead.

The first chapter is available for Literary Agents. Feel free to contact me.

Song of Hooves
An historical novel about two Mongolian women caught up in a conflict during world war II. As both China and Russia fight for Mongolia’s land and against her people, Khulan and Sarnai fight for their lives.

The first chapter is not yet available for Literary Agents.

Other Qualifications

Stacey now has a TEFL certificate.